Walkways are everywhere at your home. In the front, in the back, around the sides, everywhere.

When they begin to move, crack, heave, and become a trip hazard what are your options? Yes, a costly and messy replacement. Archway Industrial Coatings has a better plan, resurface with our epoxy stone resurfacing. No mess, fast turn around, and a look you will enjoy for a long time. Pick from a variety of stone colors to get the exact look to match your home.

  Walkway Resurfacing   

If not our Pebblestone Epoxy System (PES) what are your options?

Paint it, replace it, or resurface it.
Paver stones – too expensive
New concrete – too messy
Paint it – it peels

To get a company to just show up to replace the small amount of concrete you have is next to impossible. For us no job is too small. PES is the answer. Beautiful look, no mess, quick install and reasonable price.

Archway is St. Louis’ #1 Contractor!

Walkway Resurfacing Case Studies

Concrete Walkway Takes On A New Look

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